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"I had financial issues 18 months ago, I went in to Champion loans as I’m a pensioner, I can’t get loans from the bank Even having a great credit history. I ran through personal loans options with Emily at Maroochydore Sunshine Coast. She was very thoughtful of my situation & was more than happy to find what repayments over what amount of time would suit my lifestyle.

I got approved for $3000 within 2 hours! I opted for $2000 with only $98.98c per fortnight as I wanted to see how much I actually can afford for my next loan. I WAS ABSOLUTELY STOKED!!!

So a Year went past I wasn’t far off paying my loan, So always around this time of year I have things I need & things to do, as we all do. I went in to Champion loans & was greeted into an office by loans officer Maddie.I can tell you that Everyone there is always welcoming. Maddie is just another Fine example of expertise in the Champion family they are all A+ but Maddie was an A++. Maddie worked out that I could apply for a $3500 loan over 18 months for $134.00 per fortnight & added the cost of outstanding loan to them & taking that out of my loan & refinancing!!!!

I was blown away of how she cared about my situation & how she handled it blew my mind. I honestly couldn’t tell you how much this actually meant to me, I owe that all to Maddie & of course Champion loans in general. You guys at champion loans by far, are the best in all categories for financing those that are in need that big banks don’t help. You help the little guy’s that actually need help & guide us into a much better future. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

  • Matthew W.

"They are friendly, professional and make the effort to contact you nicely to dot the eyes and cross the ts. Staff are well trained. Including empathy and a sense of humour. Software they use is easy to interact with. Not one problem. In third loan. Highly recommend."

  • William L.

"Absolutely amazing service from their team. Being self employed it's difficult to find someone who wants to deal with low doc loans even with great credit. The champion loans team are understanding, look at your situation as a whole and give the little guys a chance. Wouldn't go anywhere else for my loan assistance. Great job guys!"

  • Tanya P.

"I have been with champion loans for a few years now, and have always been easy to deal with. we just purchased a hilux ute, so we can go off road, and enjoy life.. thank you for your support, would highly recommend them to anyone."

  • Susan P.

"Thanks so much to the awesome team at Champion Loans. Very professional at what they do and the ease of applying for a loan is simple. With the loan I got through them I was able to finally buy a couch that replaced the horrible thing I had before. Have gone 2-3 weeks using crates to sit on but not anymore. I am 6ft 2inches and can lay down flat comfortably with room to move. Cheers."

  • William C.

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for assisting with my loan to help pay for my childrens school fees, uniforms, laptops and stationery. Made our life a little easier. Very happy with the assistance and ease of access. Great customer service."

  • Channan B.

"Champion loans is where I go to whenever I need a loan, they are helpful and speedy and my daughter would not have had such an amazing Prom without them! With there help I was able to get her dress and accessories  and she went to her prom Feeling confident and beautiful. Thank you champion loans for giving  me the chance to create a day she will always remember."

  • Kimmy D.

"Champion Loans gave me a chance when no one else would, Kristie was awesome in dealing with my loan, she made sure every bit of information was on my application explaining what i needed. You are treated as a person not another number & contacted every step of my loan. THANK YOU for giving a person a go, I absolutely love my little car." 

  • Kellie K.

"Was stuck with an unexpected vet bill . Champion loans were great fast efficient and able to help me same day.  A big Thank You to champion loans . You saved my dogs leg and surgery was successful."

  • Craig C.

"The staff are brilliant and extremely helpful. They do everything possible to get you the approval you need. Finally a company that is willing to help pensioners. 10/10."

  • Raven F.

"Thank you champion loans and especially Maddy for the great customer service, you've helped my new puppy with his vet bills so he can be strong and healthy, from me and chief."

  • Jai G.

"champion loans have assisted me 2 times over the last few years. I am internally grateful as the first time i was in a DV situation had to get out with 3 children and could not afford a bond for another house to break free from it. champion loans gave me that opportunity to relive and move on with my life hassle free. And today i have been divorced for 3years moved on and engaged to the man of my dreams and could not be happier in life. so for this iam so so thankful ??"

  • Nicole S.

"Absolutely wonderful people. So easy to deal with and nothing about the application was difficult. Champion even set up the repayment schedule, I had to do very little! Would definitely recommend Champion to anyone. And, yes the money has made a huge difference. Thank you Champion."

  • Kerry A.

"Absolutely amazing experience. Also the fast a phone ever gets picked up (usually 1 ring), with a welcome and friendly greeting every time. 
Very easy to deal with, great customer service and putting customers first."

  • Kendal C.

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